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About Me

My name is Mariem Masmoudi, and this site is the electronic equivalent of my life for the 6 months between January and August, 2011.

I withdrew from my last semester at UNC-Chapel Hill before my planned-May 2011 graduation to do what I can in the pursuit of real and lasting democratic reforms.

Venturing to my native Tunisia, I will be working on issues encompassing all that is Youth Empowerment in what will hopefully be the new Tunisian Democratic Republic.

Rallying young, college students like myself and creating a vocal, educated, and passionate voting block is the name of the game, and shall be my mission for this 6 month period.


This is a blog about youth in revolt. And no, not that awful movie by the same name.

This is a blog about youth in an ACTUAL revolution.

The 2011 Tunisian ‘Jasmin’ Revolution.